Shaw Hardware's History

Old Sketch of Shaw Hardware
Sue & Mark Shaw, the owner's of Shaw Hardware.


Bestor and Swatek opened the hardware store on August 23, 1915. In October of 1939, Swatek bought the store from Bestor and remained in his ownership until 40 years later in 1955 when he retired. His son-in-law Bill Nelson ran the store until 1978 when he sold it to Jerry Higgins and his wife Myrna. Jerry ran Higgins Hardware for 50 years until, retiring at the age of 87 and selling the store to Mark and Sue Shaw in 2016. They created Shaw Hardware- The his and her hardware store you know today! 

We want to create a store that men and women can shop in, find services, and make selections they both like. We are a destination for all DIYers. We combine our experience of being in retail for over 30 years, and our love and passion for working in our home and building things, to deliver quality products and exceptional service at Shaw Hardware. We're here to help you on you're next home project. Stop into Shaw Hardware to see us!

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