5 Back to School Tips

Back to school

How to get ready to go back to school

Summer is coming to an end, and for most of us, back-to-school prepping is on our mind. Preparing for the new school year can be overwhelming with all the sales, shopping, and paperwork. Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for school while maintaining a stress-free environment. 

School Supplies

1. Stock up on Supplies

Make back to school shopping fun. Get the kids involved by giving them choices. Allow them to pick out new outfits (within budget) and supplies that show off their personalities. Schools should have a school supply list posted online or will hand one out during registration.

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School Meal

2. Meal Prep

Packing lunches and making breakfast every morning, while trying to get the kids dressed and teeth brushed can be a juggling act and cause unwanted stress. Instead, prep lunches over the weekend for the entire week and make breakfast the night before or opt for something quick and easy like cereal or fresh fruit.

Back to school Night

3. Go to Back-to-School Night

Most schools will have a “Back-to-School Night," this is the perfect time to meet your student's new teacher and learn about their goals for the new school year. Visit the classroom and get acquainted with the layout; this will help your student feel more comfortable and confident when the first day of school comes around. 

Study Space

4. Create a Homework Station

Dedicate an area for your student to work and learn. You could even build a desk and on a budget too. Place the desk in a quiet, distraction-free place that’s well organized. Stock up on school supplies such as tray organizers and file folders. Staying organized will help reduce stress and create an environment best for learning. 

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Mom and Daughter writing on Calendar

5. Create a Planner/Schedule

Getting back into the school routine can be challenging. Sticking to a consistent routine will help your student succeed. Over a few weeks slowly move bedtimes and wakeup times back to what they should be during the school year. Layout your student's schedule on a whiteboard, block out school schedules, holidays, and test days to help prepare your student for daily activities.

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Going back to school shouldn’t be stressful. Having a set plan of action will ensure smooth sailing and a stress-free environment. Find more creative back-to-school organization ideas on our Pinterest page. 


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